Heyzap is now a part of Fyber. Learn more at Fyber.com

We are excited to show you how we are leveraging assets across the Fyber group to become the leading in-app monetization platform in the industry.

Although the Heyzap brand has gone away, you can still enjoy the same products and services you’ve grown to love and trust.

At Fyber.com or the links below, you can login to your existing account to access the dashboard and developer docs.


No Signup or Monthly Fees
Multitude of Free Features
Comprehensive Support
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Multitude of free features. One simple plan.

Feature listPrice
Real-time DashboardsFree
Mediation/Heyzap Ads SDKFree
Direct DealsFree
Network Reporting API Status MonitoringFree
Data RetentionFree
Cross PromotionFree
Advanced APIFree
Mediation Test SuiteFree
Exportable DataFree
Comprehensive SupportFree
Heyzap Ad NetworkStandard Rev Share

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